Tomorrow is today but later

I get a leave pass to explore the stores while Steve checks out the boats chandlery, although we determine we must go forward.
I invest a hilarious hour in a tiny boutique filled with designer clothing with prices that are slashed. The Italian shop assistant keeps bringing me things to try-on - we actually hit it off. We chuckle as I see myself changed by these amazing garments and try belts on skirts, tops, trousers,. Other clients sometimes join in on the repartee and come and go. She's a saleswoman supremo! She informs myself I should have zat and zees! "But I'm living on a boat" i-say! only perhaps zat!" Another client says "Eef she eees dwelling on a ship she doesn't want clothes - just a good guy!" "Aha!" I say "I already have an excellent guy, so I do not need anything!" I left behind the Beeblos skirt and other items, but will remember this interlude in Break!

We do expect to come back next year, although there is plenty more to see in this region, namely the old town of Roman and Rovinj websites in land. Then we'll charter a boat that is bigger for sure!

Stairway to paradise

The appealing, well-dressed bunch included Euros who locals, holiday in Vis, and representatives of the Croatian Navy. I am not frequently surrounded by a lot of medals on so many epaulettes. Fort George was established by the British Royal Navy because of its tactical position in 1813. The site has seen more than its reasonable share
Austrians, Napoleon -- but had recently been abandoned. European creators William Wenkel and Erik Biorklund fell upon Fort George along the Dalmation coast, fell in love, and made it their first property-based endeavor.

European founders worked with Croatian authorities and comprised a museum with paintings and military paraphernalia. But that is certainly a spot to bash in the open air. Or throw a lavish destination wedding. And, good god, what a setting. Under the trees, on a promontory, with amazing views from every angle.

Sailing route

But the time runs fast, and two days soon finished. Shortly, we might be leaving our hospitable Villa Sveti Petar, when I would need to say that we're going to sail in Croatia and my big secret would be revealed, and now, just charter a yacht! But I told Michael that we've got a number of hours for an unhurried walk through the town before we will be picked up and taken away.

We drifted to the marina at midday to take some images of Rovinj from the opposite shore and in the meantime to admire the yachts that were snow-white. "Only picture sailing somewhere on among them," said Michael.

Something that I was cherishing for almost a year came true. A line that was particular was drawn-and just the sea was before us.

"This is your current! Certainly one of these snow white attractiveness is yours for the whole week, my skipper!"

The crew and the captain were introduced to each other. It was called Daisy. Fortunately, in spite of the name, the yacht did not get us into trouble.:-)

Now we're heading to

Tomorrow we'll visit Luke Skywalker's house. Our hotel at Matmata is quite comfortable, but appears to be almost empty.

The following morning we discover our own manner readily to the film set which is now a resort, by injury and decline the guide. It's enjoyable to visit but we are glad we are not remaining there thanks.

Our other unique treat for this particular day is to see with several of the historical grain stores called Ksars which resemble fantasy buildings from a kid's fairy story. They are fascinating to see and are randomly spread around the countryside.

But wait a moment... there is another road which cuts across the deserted scrubby land and will get us there faster.

So we sail further

This anchorage is free and magic, so we curl up and determine to focus on the electric winch that has been squeeking and we propose may not have ever been serviced. It's among the most valuable things on the boat as it had not been on our wish list which is not unsurprising. It turns out to be an occupation taking a long time but the job is soon done to-perfection.
We have also taken care of lots of jobs in this stop like printing and posting annual accounts and tax statements, producing phone calls to sort future wintering chances out, delivering away statements for health-related expenses etc. A bit hurts! The Web cafe is closed though and we're frustrated we cannot access it line. And only online we can charter still another yacht! That's all although we find a way to locate someone to help us obtain a weather report and do a few minutes catch-up.

There is no better way of travelling than sailing

Here we're in Pag. Assembled in the 15th century to replace the original town Stari Grad, which have been destroyed (we don't understand how).... It's still another delightful old town, medieval in its character (but the walls were removed in the 1800s) and we're welcomed by the locals.
Today we plan to passing further in to the Llubacka vala then head further west through the Llubacka Vrata.
Ourselves invest a little too much time here catching up and find a Web cafe. There are no cafes in Croatia where you can take your computer, purchase a drink and use the web for free, therefore K20 per-hour might be the best deal we have uncovered to date.
Schism! We anchor free in the harbour right downtown but a cost is to pay-as the boat rolls every time a ferry goes on. Next to us there's a stage, where you are able to charter a yacht. We take the dinghy ashore and find ourselves in the Roman Emporor Diocletian's retirement palace constructed in 295 - 305. Many descendants nevertheless have their dwellings inside the palace walls which enclose a sizeable portion of the town. The antiquity of this largest Croatian city takes us by surprise and envelops us as we investigate and appreciate its sophistication and I notice the amazing shops... It's a really Italianised town with great slabs of pizza offered as fast food for wonderful and 10 Kuna java.
Daisy tied to bollard (on right of picture) where we later grounded during 15 minute electrical storm and 40 knots on the nose.
Later we sit in a outside cafe and eat supper while we individuals watch until we are sleepy and head straight back to Daisy.